“MiSP delivers a toolkit that can anchor a child for life, rather than a quick fix they forget just as fast as they learnt it. We help bring mindfulness to your school so you can achieve a culture shift in your approach to children’s mental health and wellbeing.”-  (MiSP)

Mindfulness in Education

There is so much pressure on young people today, they live in a world of constant distraction, with the media, social networking, mobile phones and so on drawing them away from where they are, fragmenting their attention and making it hard for them to focus on school work and relate effectively to the real people in their lives. They’re always switched on and there’s no escape.  Meanwhile teachers are under constant pressure to perform, with a huge workload and massive demands. Teachers report that current teaching climates generate work-related fatigue, depression and anxiety, cynicism and low self-efficacy and the profession is struggling to retain newly qualified teachers.

Research across the world, including the UK’s Oxford, Bangor, Cambridge and Exeter University, is demonstrating how mindfulness rewires the brain to help create a greater sense of inner calm and focus.  Extensive studies have shown that mindfulness can benefit children and adolescents with:

  • Reducing their anxiety

  • Helping them reduce and/or manage their stress

  • Improving their attention and ability to focus

  • Managing their emotion reactivity

  • Increasing their self-awareness and self-regulation

  • Helping them find peace

  • Encouraging their ability to calm themselves and regulate their emotions

  • Improving their executive function and higher-order abilities (i.e., planning, strategic thinking)

  • Decreasing their test / exam anxiety through enhancing memory and concentration, and reducing mind-wandering/daydreaming

  • Mitigating or reducing ADHD symptoms


Paws b [pause be] is a leading mindfulness curriculum for children aged 7 -11 in schools.  A key feature of this 6 lesson curriculum is the neuro-scientific content. Pupils learn about thinking processes and how thoughts emotions and body states affect each other. They investigate ‘fight-or-flight’ and perception,they practice training their attention and explore how mindfulness can support  them in all areas of their lives.


.b, [dot-be], is the UK’s leading mindfulness curriculum for 11-18 year olds in schools.b stands for ‘stop and be’, a simple practice at the heart of this 9 lesson course. Each .b lesson (between 40 minutes and 1 hour) is expertly crafted for use in the classroom to teach a distinct mindfulness skill. The .b materials are designed to engage even the most sceptical of young minds.


.b – Foundations – Mindfulness Training For Teachers

The pressure and stresses on people working within schools is well recognised and the unique challenges of managing and working with young people, the time pressures of the job; juggling lesson preparation, marking, school administration with meeting the demands of external agencies can often lead to feelings of overwhelm and stress.

The .b Foundations programme is based on the renowned Mindfulness based cognitive therapy programme (MBCT) and is designed to be accessible for busy education professionals. It teaches the foundations of mindfulness practice and develops well-being, resilience and relational skills. It is also pre-requisite training to teach mindfulness to young people.

As a seasoned teacher Rachel has experienced the many demands made on people working in this environment and fully understands the need for teachers to have a way of coping with stress to prevent burnout and improve quality of life. Practicing mindfulness has completely changed the way she experiences and deals with stress and Rachel hopes that by teaching the .b Foundations programme she will enable other teachers to do the same.

“Mindfulness has so much to offer as part of the curriculum, but schools tell us that what makes the most significant contribution to creating a mindful school is mindful staff.”  -  MiSP