Mindfulness for all

Mindfulness is about paying attention to what’s happening right now, with an open mind, enabling us to see more clearly and respond more skilfully. It can help us see things as they are – rather than as we hope or fear they might be. Connecting with the here and now, with curiosity and compassion, can help us feel calmer, think clearly and respond wisely, even in challenging situations


Numerous studies have shown that mindfulness increases quality of life and that it brings about positive change in our cognitive and neurobiological functioning. Mindfulness also transforms the way in which we view ourselves and the world, and how we respond to our surroundings. This kind of wide-ranging efficacy is what makes mindfulness such a valuable practice for so many people.

Some of the benefits of mindfulness training are:

  • greater awareness and insight into your thought patterns, responses, actions, emotions, and moods and an ability to choose to handle these differently when you need to,

  • the ability to step back from your problems and gain another perspective

  • a greater sense of ease and you experience things more consciously and intensely

  • the ability to tap into your innate, inner resources

  • greater ability to deal with stressful events or times when things aren’t going the way you want them to go

  • greater ability concentrate so that you can focus more and worry less

A decrease in:

  • stress-related symptoms such as high blood pressure, digestive ailments and a weakened immune system

  • sleep problems and general fatigue

  • depression and anxiety

  • (chronic) pain

  • mental or emotional fallout, serious illness or other setbacks

Courses available

Finding Peace in a Frantic World

This course is based on the book of the same title written by Mark Williams and Danny Penman and provides an excellent introduction to mindfulness practices.

Mindfulness training has been proven to help people deal more effectively with stress and depression but most importantly the training can help you appreciate each moment of your life more and so improve the quality of your life.

The course is run as an 8 week course, meeting weekly for 90 minute sessions and the outline follows the 8 week programme laid out in the book. Practically attending sessions with an experienced mindfulness practitioner enables you to be guided through the process with confidence, having opportunity to discuss your experiences of the practice and ask questions.

The Present’ for adults

This is a new style of eight-week course to introduce mindfulness and well-being to busy adults. The course focuses on encouraging friendly, mindful awareness towards experience in the midst of busy lives. The programme supports “reversing in” to discovering and choosing ways to practise mindfulness arising from awareness of how things are for each person in their life.

Mindfulness for Parents

Mindfulness can support parents and families, providing parents with an opportunity to resource themselves and embedding skills, practices and attitudes valuable in parenting and throughout life. These include building self-compassion, increasing awareness and attunement to self and other, learning about stress and our reactions to it, and encouraging openness to change and growth. The group format fosters a sense of community and support

"Now is the future that you promised yourself last year, last month, last week.  Now is the only moment you'll ever really have.  Mindfulness is waking up to this."

- Mark Williams